Happy Thoughts: November 29, 2020 at 11:48AM

“Think positively”. I’m sure hearing this hasn’t been very helpful, especially when it sounds like you should just be blindly positive no matter the situation.

Positive thinking is more about productivity and focusing on what we can control in order to produce a more positive outcome.

For example, you fail a test. Positive thinking doesn’t mean you think about the positive aspect of failing the test, but rather focusing on what you can do to turn it into something positive. This means directing your attention towards studying really hard and acing the next test.

Positive thinking isn’t avoiding the reality of the circumstance you are facing either, but rather not letting it prevent you from changing what you have control over.

Start reevaluating your thoughts- are they productive? If not, then reframe them and think about what you can control or influence in order to produce a better outcome.

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