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psycho cybernetics fixing tie
Best for: Those who can weed through woo-woo and religious ideas and want to learn about a framework for self-esteem and how it affects outcomes. Difficulty to digest: This book is moderately-easy to digest. The difficulty comes from the use of uncommon terms which are not linked to concrete science or facts. While […]

Psycho Cybernetics By Maxwell Maltz: Book Review

better conversations two people talking
  Awkward Conversations. You ever get to a point in the conversation that just stops dead? “Hey my name is x”. “Hey mine is y”. Awkward pause. Longer pause. Now the pause has gone on so long it might be too late to start talking again. You’re both standing there […]

Better Conversations: Ask Quality Questions

car condiitioning
What is conditioning? Ever heard of Pavlov’s dogs before? It’s the experiment which lead to the idea of classical conditioning. If you pair two events together, eventually the brain starts to link them. We can use this to our advantage by conditioning ourselves using common events and pairing them with […]

Positive Self-Conditioning Exercise

gratitude arms extended
What’s the point of gratitude? The way we use our attention dictates how we feel. Depending on what we focus on, our experiences become framed in a certain way. If we focus on what we lack, we become anxious, unhappy, and frustrated. By practicing gratitude daily, our attention moves towards […]

Daily Gratitude Practice: 3 Ways To Start

binary choice frogs
Your two options are clear. It’s agonizing. You either go to your friend’s party or visit your grandmother for her birthday. There’s no way around it. Those are the only two options. You’ve spent hours weighing the pros and cons. You’re so caught up in trying to make the decision, […]

False Choices: The Illusion of Binary Choices

diet watermelon on beach
Maybe I’ll just have one…. The plate of cookies is calling your name. Your internal dialogue starts; Hey it’s a birthday party, come on that’s a special occasion. You haven’t had any sweets today. You can break from your diet for this! It’s tempting, but you steel your resolve. You’re […]

4 Common Reasons Diets Fail