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Best for: Those who want to develop a baseline in positive and productive thinking. There are many useful concepts in The Magic of Thinking Big which apply to a wide range of uses – this book provides quite a few positive framing exercises. Difficulty to digest:  This book is easy […]

The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz – Book ...

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Best for: The Question Behind The Question is best for those who want a new approach to asking themselves questions. It’s a quick, clear read, with one overarching message. Difficulty to digest: QBQ uses a simple writing style. Anyone should be able to get the main concepts after a single […]

Question Behind The Question (QBQ!) by John Miller – Book ...

Best for: Those interested in leadership, especially from a military or business perspective. Also those interested in being more resilient and productive. Difficulty to digest: The principles in Extreme Ownership are straightforward and well-illustrated by examples. The only difficult may be in understanding military terms, however, most of them are defined […]

Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin – Book ...

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Best for Those interested in effective strategies for motivating themselves and others and are interested in business and leadership. Difficulty to digest The concepts outlined in Start With Why are clear and straightforward. While they build upon each other, everyone should be able to understand everything in the book and […]

Start With Why By Simon Sinek: Book Review

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Are Drugs Good Or Bad? Outside of the war on drugs, I’m sure many of you hold strong opinions on how they ought to be used. Drugs are the quickest way to ruin your life! No one should ever do them. Or Who cares, do whatever you want. Smoking a […]

How Drugs Can (Generally) Impact Happiness

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I Want To Move! You’re sitting in the office again, bored. To avoid staring at the wall, you’re wandering the internet looking at random articles, like this one. I should move to a new city or country wanders through your mind, again. You’ve been thinking about it forever. Maybe today […]

What To Consider Before Moving