Best Ways to STOP Feeling Guilty – HappyTalks – How To Stop Feeling Guilty We all feel guilt and it serves a purpose, but it should be felt in the right circumstances and duration. In this episode, we talk about how to deal with guilt. ➥➥➥ Check Out Some of […]

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In this episode of HappyTalks, we discuss everything around the topic of bullying. ➥➥➥ Check Out Some of Our Previous Happy Talks! ➥➥➥ ❤️ HappyTalks: Crucial Conversations ↘️ ❤️ HappyTalks: Making Small Talk ↘️ ❤️ HappyTalks: How to Deal with Negative People ↘️ ❤️ HappyTalks: Healthy Habits […]

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How to save money and stay happy [4 Approaches] 1. Know your expenses – Track them – Look at automatic category tools – Set budgets for certain items 2. Determine what’s most important – Cut out – Find cheaper alternatives – Common categories – Food – Subscriptions – Coffee/Alcohol 3. […]

How To Save Money and Stay Happy [4 Approaches]

In this episode of HappyTalks, we interview Dr. Erin Kinney and discuss everything about stress and its effects on your mood, hormones and energy. Dr. Kinney is a Naturopathic Doctor and prominent speaker who charts customized healing paths for women to improve their mood, balance their hormones and increase their […]

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Best for: This book is primarily for those looking to overcome problems with anxiety. It may also be of interest to those who like psychology and want to learn about anxiety Difficulty to digest: Rewire your anxious brain is moderately difficult to understand. It used a good amount of psychology […]

Rewire Your Anxious Brain by Catherine Pittman and Elizabeth Karle ...

•How to deal with cravings* [4 Ways] 1. Mindfulness Hone in on the feeling Buy time for the craving to pass, slow reaction time Separate the desire from the action Hone in on consequences if applicable Question the usefulness Explore the pathway which originated the urge Physical or mental? 2. […]

How To Deal With Cravings – [4 Ways]