A lot of people are in the habit of saying ‘If it makes you feel better…’. Followed by something worse. The intent is to imply the other person should be grateful because their situation isn’t the worst it could possibly be. While there’s a well-intentioned idea in there, in practice […]

Stop Saying ‘If It Makes You Feel Better’ (3 Reasons ...

😊 You can find more content at www.howtohappy.com 📹 Logitech BRIO – Affiliate Link: https://amzn.to/38EF4pu) Is Happiness A Choice? No [3 Reasons Why] It’s likely you’ve heard the phrase happiness is a choice at some point. In this video, we discuss why that saying is wrong and potentially harmful as […]

Is Happiness A Choice? No [3 Reasons Why]

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Best for:  Made To Stick is best for those who want to learn about what makes ideas stand out and stay around. Also for those who have ideas they want to spread or want to improve at getting ideas across. Difficulty to digest: Made To Stick is very conversational with […]

Made To Stick By Dan Heath & Chip Heath – ...

Eating Healthier: Food Swapping – Healthy Food Swaps In this video we talk about a simple strategy for eating healthier. Avoid the fast diets and crashes by simply picking one food you know is unhealthy and swapping it out for something better. Do this for a week or two then […]

Eating Healthier: Food Swapping – Healthy Food Swaps

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Best for:  Mindset is best for those who want to learn about Growth Mindsets. Also good for those interested in learning general psychology or frequently-cited personal development material. Those who really enjoy case studies, experiments, and examples. Difficulty to digest: Mindset contains a huge number of examples and moves slowly […]

Mindset by Carol Dweck – Book Review

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Best for:  Grit is best for those interested in achievement, high-performance, goal setting, grit, resilience, and general psychology. While narrowed into a few subjects, the lessons are generally applicable to behavior and resilience.  Difficulty to digest: Grit has a conversational tone, with lots of examples and stories. Explanations of core […]

Grit By Angela Duckworth – Book Review