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Videos specifically from the Happy Talks Youtube series.

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In this video Alice and Donovon discuss the book Crucial Conversations, key takeaways and related stories. We discuss high-level conversational techniques and positional compared to goal-oriented negotiation. We speak about how to create better conversations, by focusing on our higher-level goal instead of a specific position. Find The Third Path […]

Crucial Conversations – HappyTalks

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In this video we talk about how to make small talk for introverts. We talk about taking a genuine interest in others and asking what they care about. There are many small opportunities to increase our relationships by simply talking to others a bit more. It’s not about going out […]

HappyTalks: Making Small Talk

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In this video we talk about self-esteem and confidence. We discuss how self-esteem is derived from feeling self-worth, how much others influence our esteem, and not feeling good enough. Then we spend some time discussing the difference between achievements and personal value. Equipment: Camera: Logitech BRIO – Affiliate Link: https://amzn.to/38EF4pu)

HappyTalks: Self-Esteem & Self-Worth