Mindscaping (Book): A Practical Guide For How To Be Happier

Are you happier now than you were last year?

If not, Mindscaping can help.

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Most people haphazardly chase happiness, guided by vague, empty platitudes like:

  • Choose happiness.
  • Happiness can only be found when you stop looking for it.
  • Happiness is always within you.

These sound profound, but lack clear action steps. Results are inconsistent. How do I choose happiness? Where is happiness within me? This book shows exactly how to shape your mind for happiness, health, and wellbeing.

Readers can expect to:

  • Understand happiness, how it’s produced, and how to increase it
  • Discover a simple metaphor for how shaping your mind is similar to landscaping
  • Master techniques for managing troublesome thoughts, negative feelings, and challenging situations.
  • Learn how to link actions with happiness and purpose, then execute them
  • Explore 100+ reflection questions and 40+ exercises targeted at increasing happiness

Mindscaping is not the one true path to happiness; it’s a framework for designing your path to happiness, based on well-researched and proven techniques. Happiness is too important to leave to chance. What’s stopping you from investing a few hours into learning the lifelong process for producing happiness?

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