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About The Site

Here, we keep it simple. Content and action steps for optimizing happiness. We release a diverse range of content to accommodate different preferences and learning styles.

Happiness Starter Kit

If you want to start improving happiness right away, try this page. It includes a highly curated list of happiness-optimizing ideas and resources to explore.


Courses are currently hosted off-site on Udemy but completely free. Longer form, more in depth content to build specific skills.

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4 Week Happiness Challenge (Free)

Participate in 28 simple exercises targeted at improving happiness. By the end of your four weeks, you should have found some which really resonate with you.



 pursuit of happiness course two people driving4 Week Goal Setting Challenge (Free)

Goals can be difficult, especially without a framework. This course provides a simple worksheet to fill out and get started on your goals. It’s easy!



Happiness Articles

Written articles about happiness and how to optimize it. Always comes with at least one action step or reflection question. A few popular examples are

Communication: 3 Reasons Not To Impose Your Values On Others

Better Communication: Stop One Upmanship

Book Reviews

A subset of happiness articles summarizing, reviewing, and analyzing how the concepts in a particular book can be applied to happiness. Also include an action step or reflection question.

Popular Options:

Awaken The Giant Within By Tony Robbins – Book Review

Communication Miracles for Couples by Jonathan Robinson – Book Review

Happy Thoughts

Short instagram-style concepts with at least one action step or reflection question. Posted a few times a week.

Most Popular Post

Happy Thoughts: July 02, 2020 at 12:31PM

Happy Talks

Long-form (around 45 minutes) video-based content created in conjunction with Dr. Alice fong. Occasionally includes guests as well.

Most popular episode: 

HappyTalks: Dealing With Anger