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What’s the point of gratitude? The way we use our attention dictates how we feel. Depending on what we focus on, our experiences become framed in a certain way. If we focus on what we lack, we become anxious, unhappy, and frustrated. By practicing gratitude daily, our attention moves towards […]

Daily Gratitude Practice: 3 Ways To Start

binary choice frogs
Your two options are clear. It’s agonizing. You either go to your friend’s party or visit your grandmother for her birthday. There’s no way around it. Those are the only two options. You’ve spent hours weighing the pros and cons. You’re so caught up in trying to make the decision, […]

False Choices: The Illusion of Binary Choices

diet watermelon on beach
Maybe I’ll just have one…. The plate of cookies is calling your name. Your internal dialogue starts; Hey it’s a birthday party, come on that’s a special occasion. You haven’t had any sweets today. You can break from your diet for this! It’s tempting, but you steel your resolve. You’re […]

4 Common Reasons Diets Fail

2 friends standing - choosing friends
Toxic relationships are easy to see. Come up with a list of the most difficult people you know. They probably sap your energy and complicate your life. Or distract and annoy you. Whatever it is, you know they don’t deserve a place in your life. As much as possible, you […]

Better Relationships: Opportunity Cost When Picking Friends

3 reasons not to impose your values guy pointing 1
It’s the best deal, so just take it. The woman hobbled up to the counter with 4 books in her arms, each cost a dollar. I was working the cash register and wanted to help her so I said “You know you can get 10 books for $5, right?” “You have […]

Communication: 3 Reasons Not To Impose Your Values On Others

work life balance
It was a long night. You groggily open your eyes, wondering where you are. Your neck and back are killing you, as you slowly orient yourself with your surroundings. Reaching under your head, you pull out a balled up sweater. What the? You finally realize you’re in your office. This […]

Work Life Balance: Reflect On What You Want