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In this video we speak with Jimmy Allen about his take on love and relationships. Jimmy Allen is Love and Relationship Coach. When he discovered her coaching program, he knew instantaneously that this was what I was meant to do. As a Love and Relationship Coach, his purpose and mission […]

HappyTalks: Love & Relationships With Jimmy Allen

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Happy Talks: Public Speaking

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In this video we talk about building a useful relationship with anger, taking the useful message without staying in the emotion. We talk about expressions of anger and gender differences. There’s a difference between expressing anger and our relationship with anger. We cover tactics for dealing with rising anger, like […]

HappyTalks: Dealing With Anger

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📹 Logitech BRIO – Affiliate Link: https://amzn.to/38EF4pu) Liz Buechele is the founder of The Smile Project, a nonprofit organization designed to spread joy in communities and educational institutions through SPARK kindness clubs, Birthday Givebacks, service projects, and more. In 2011, Liz started writing down one thing that made her happy […]

HappyTalks: Smile Project With Liz Buechele

Happy Talks: Pleasure With Dr.Rachel Allyn || Reclaiming Healthy Pleasure in Your Life In this video we speak to Dr. Rachel Allyn about pleasure and the different between it and happiness. Dr. Rachel explains how many individuals have a limited experience with pleasure and how we can increase how often […]

Happy Talks: Pleasure With Dr.Rachel Allyn || Reclaiming Healthy Pleasure ...

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In this video Donovon and Alice talk about self love and self acceptance. This is a focus of Dr. Alice’s work and a key area for having a fulfilling and productive life. Developing Self-Love We speak about how self-worth can be negatively impacted early in life. External factors can easily […]

HappyTalks: Developing Self-Love