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2 friends standing - choosing friends
Toxic relationships are easy to see. Come up with a list of the most difficult people you know. They probably sap your energy and complicate your life. Or distract and annoy you. Whatever it is, you know they don’t deserve a place in your life. As much as possible, you […]

Better Relationships: Opportunity Cost When Picking Friends

ready fire aim darts
  Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson Best for: This book is directed at entrepreneurs who are starting or have started their journey and have plans to create a large company. Difficulty to digest: This book is fairly easy to digest, and does a good job of breaking down the […]

Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson – Book Review

pre-suasion yellow door 1
Best for: For those who are intimately interested in persuasion, influence, marketing, or psychology. This is a follow-up to Cialdini’s book Influence, which I would recommend reading first. If you liked that book, you’ll likely like this book as well although it’s slightly more dense. Difficulty to digest: While Cialdini […]

Pre-Suasion By Robert Cialdini – Book Review