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  I’m listening, I promise. Let’s go over a scenario where we’re having a conversation. You got in a crash today, and are telling me the details about it. Another car ran you off the road and as you switched lanes, BOOM! They pushed you right into another car. As soon I […]

Better Communication: Stop One Upmanship

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Book Review: Think & Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill Best for: Those who are looking for ways to increase control over their thoughts and financial future, but can also distinguish what is outdated or woo-woo. Difficulty to digest: In my opinion, even after being revised and updated the book is written […]

Think & Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill – Book Review

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What is a growth or fixed mindset? It’s fairly likely you’ve heard of growth and fixed mindsets before. It’s a framework which breaks out two different belief systems individuals have around challenges and traits. The topic has gained serious traction recently, however, for those who are still in the dark, […]

Growth vs Fixed Mindsets

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So, what’s the difference between goals and habits? Let’s get right to the core of this, knowing the difference between goals and habits is pivotal in how you plan and work towards accomplishments. Getting the two confused can be exhausting as you see little progress toward your aspirations. We’ll start with […]

The Difference Between Habits & Goals

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The Marathon Story. Let’s start with a scenario. You’ve had the goal to run a marathon for a few months now. You’ve been training each day, slowly improving. On the day of the race you’re feeling pretty good! You get there, line up and start running. The first mile goes […]

Stop Negative Thoughts: Treat Yourself Like A Friend

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What Thought Spiraling Looks Like. A series of spiraling thoughts like this might be familiar to a lot of you: I’m going to fail this test. When I fail the test, I’ll fail the class. When I fail the class, I’ll have to drop out of school. After I drop out […]

Stop Negative Thoughts: Block Thought Spiraling