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Let’s Start With A Story I want to illustrate this stress management concept with a story. Visiting a friend in another city, we decided to go out hiking with on a cold winter day. We thought it would be fun to go off trail, so we wandered off into the […]

Stress Management: Replace Anxiety With A Plan

What’s your biggest goal? What’s the nagging idea you’ve wanted to try but keep putting off? There can be a wide assortment of reasons holding you back, but perhaps one of them is that your goal is too big or too vague for you to know where to start. In […]

Goal Setting: Break It Down

I’m Issuing A Challenge. I want you to walk from one end of the country to the other end of the country. When your read this sentence what was your first reaction? Many of us would immediately jump to ‘I can’t walk across the country because….‘ . When you think […]

Problem Solving Mindset – ‘I Can’t’ vs. ‘How Can I?’

Book Review: Quiet By Susan Cain Best for: People who are introverted and hope to learn more about introversion. Also, those who have a general interest in personality psychology. The book is written heavily in favor of and to introverts, however, extroverts who wish to better understand introverts may gain […]

Book Review: Quiet By Susan Cain

Balance, hand holding a marble
With the dominance of technology in our lives, we’re moving faster than ever before. We can now get more done, communicate faster, and have a higher standard of living. The problem is many of us are not happy. With all the advancements we should have a fast, simple way to […]

What Is Happiness? – 5 Areas Of Life To Balance

Happiness flower
What is happiness? This question has rattled through the minds of countless individuals as they look to understand and increase their own happiness. The truth is simple; there is no single source of happiness. I can’t give you a magic chant or special food for achieving happiness. There are, however, simple […]

What Is Happiness? Pleasure & Purpose