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That One Amazing Opportunity….. This is the only position that’s going to open up in my company, I have to get it. If I don’t – that’s it. The opportunity is gone forever and there will never be another one like it. If my friend gets it, it’s at my […]

Developing An Abundance Mindset

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Dr. Travis Fox: The Architect of Being™ – Guest Feature Hey folks! As part of our dedication to bringing you new resources for increasing happiness, we’ll be sharing spotlights on certain distinguished and interesting individuals. This week, we’ve got Dr. Travis Fox, hypnotherapist, coach, author, and much more. Big thanks to […]

Dr. Travis Fox: The Architect of Being™ – Guest Feature

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I’ll be happy as soon as… It’s a phrase I’m sure we’ve all heard. It paints happiness as a destination we’re all traveling toward but can’t quite reach. Happiness isn’t a destination though, it’s a journey. Being happy isn’t a one-time accomplishment you can carry with you forever. It’s not […]

Happiness Is A Process Not An Achievement

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How Do You Label Yourself? When you start to label yourself, your identity becomes integrated with that label. If you tell people you’re a smoker, you’ve integrated that attribute into part of your being – as opposed to being someone who smokes. As a part of your identity, the pattern […]

Self-Esteem: How You Label Yourself Matters

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What’s all the meditation hype? Everyone is talking about meditation these days. Many claim it’s the magic bullet to solve every problem. Others think it’s totally bunk and pointless. So what’s the deal with meditation? What’s the point and how can you try it out yourself? I’m certainly not an […]

Meditation Is Flexible And Simple: Try It!

keeping in touch schedule day planner picture What was their name again…. I’m sure we’ve both had lots of friends and associates who we’ve slowly lost touch with. Time passes, priorities change, schedules get busy, and people slowly fade out. It’s always a bit disappointing recalling the good connections we’ve let weaken. It doesn’t have to […]

Better Relationships: Reaching Out Schedule