Dr. Travis Fox: The Architect of Being™ – Guest Feature

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Dr. Travis Fox: The Architect of Being™ – Guest Feature

Hey folks! As part of our dedication to bringing you new resources for increasing happiness, we’ll be sharing spotlights on certain distinguished and interesting individuals. This week, we’ve got Dr. Travis Fox, hypnotherapist, coach, author, and much more. Big thanks to Dr. Fox for taking the time to answer these questions and share with us. Let’s get into it, shall we?

If you could share one idea or framework with the world, what would it be?

That we are all amazing self hypnotists, who don’t really know that we are doing it due the power of our own minds. When one realizes that most our of daily lives are on habitual “autopilot” it will eventually lead them to ask the question, “who is really running the show, inside?” This is where one starts their internal journey from the “hypnotist” (mind/ego) to their “Architect” (heart/Being). It is the evolution from standardized therapies, coaching and learned processes. This is where Architecting your Being comes in.

What do you think is most important for people to know about hypnosis?

That it is not a place you go to externally, nor is it mind control, nor is it anything but normal or natural. In fact, it is really just a brainwave, that occurs twice a day everyday, in every human being on the planet. Moreover, hypnosis has no power in and of itself, it is merely the gatekeeper to access the subconscious level of ourselves. Once we are at that space is where the real power lies and change / modification truly begins.

What is one actionable reflection question you think would help people increase their happiness? 

Simply, does this “feel” peaceful or loving, whatever you are doing or experiencing? How often do we “know” what our heart is saying but we allow our Hypnotist (head/ego) take the lead. Only to discover later our Architect (Heart) was correct all along. The simple and most direct acton one can really take is to “check in” with their heart and regardless of what their head says, and then follow it.

There is only one noble truth across this globe, as we start all our clients with – “No one gets out of this life alive, period.” Once we face this deepest of fears and allow ourselves to feel this truth we free ourselves from the need to “Fit in”, “be competitive” or “judge ourselves and others” and many other beliefs that we base our lives on, to truly live our lives fully, experientially and feeling every moment of it. That is really the freedom we all seek but rarely experience.

What book do you most often recommend to others and why?

The book I recommend often, is my own lol if I may be so bold. (You can find a large collection of Dr. Fox’s work here) Otherwise, I recommend “I AM That” which is truly one of the deepest most, intense books I have ever experienced on dispelling the illusion(s) we create and understanding the “oneness” of all things. Hold on though, it is one deep ride inside and not something to read lightly or quickly. Think in terms of a year minimum and ultimately the rest of your life. It is is truly an amazing reflection of life.





Is there anything else you’d like to talk about?

We have a fully private, membership site releasing this month at www.TravisFoxmembers.com that will truly guide, teach and expose the truths about hypnosis, how to employ it for oneself and perhaps if really ready make it your mission. Each week I am LIVE on Facebook and Instagram for the mass audiences, with the final video being posted within the hour on the exclusive membership site. From here, one can then take our 5 week online VOD and LIVE experience that has changed not only my life but thousands around the globe.

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Latest Book: Architect That – Building your business by leading from the bottom up – releasing August 2017




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