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difference between mindfulness and meditation
The Difference Between Mindfulness and Meditation Mindfulness is a quality of experience or way of being, meditation is a practice. Certain meditations are ways to become more mindful, but not all forms of meditation focus on mindfulness. Meditation creates space for a particular focus, mindfulness is focusing on the present. […]

Difference Between Mindfulness and Meditation

Many of us don’t enjoy routines or repetitiveness. But if we create at least one routine we enjoy, it can help with anxiety. Having a good morning routine can help us start our days off in the best way possible. That predictability can create ease for many of us, especially […]

Happy Thoughts: May 27, 2021 at 09:40AM

  In this HappyTalks episode, Dr. Alice & Donovon interview Suzan Nguyen & Patrick Hubbard on different ways to overcome adversity as well as their personal experiences. Suzan Nguyen is the author of ‘One Arm but Not Unarmed’, Happiness Coach, TedX Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Instructor. Patrick Hubbard is a digital […]

Overcoming Adversity With Suzan Nguyen & Patrick Hubbard- HappyTalks

It can be difficult to know what our personal priorities are. There is so much outside influence and societal expectations that we assume we know exactly what our priorities are. For example, getting promoted and making a lot of money could be a priority. But is it really because you […]

Happy Thoughts: May 23, 2021 at 10:04AM

The 4 Agreements Book Cover
Best For:  The Four Agreements is best for those who like a heavy dose of spirituality and don’t mind lots of figurative speech. Also, those looking for general guidelines and ideas more than exercises and action steps. It’s also best for those looking for a short read.  Difficulty To Digest: […]

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz- Book Review

Image of Donovon, Dr. Alivce and ST Rappaport
    In this episode of HappyTalks, Dr. Alice & Donovon interview ST Rappaport and discuss her methods of utilizing our non-dominant hand for many different benefits. ST Rappaport is a Relationship Photographer and host of the LifePix Relationships Podcast. ST utilizes her experience and expertise working with individuals, couples, […]

The Benefits of Using Your Non-Dominant Hand with ST Rappaport- ...