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Best for: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is best for those who are interested in philosophy, especially around death, character, and mindfulness. It’s also best for those who don’t mind reading older texts to dig out powerful insights. Difficulty to digest: Meditations is a bit harder to digest simply because of […]

Meditations By Marcus Aurelius – Book Review

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What Would You Do If You Lost It All? I recently had a conversation with someone who would likely be considered quite wealthy. We stumbled upon the topic of what they would do if they lost all their money. I don’t really know, I’ve built my entire life around this […]

Developing Gratitude: A Week Without Luxuries

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Can We Be Happy All The Time? You can’t understand how it’s possible. One of your co-workers is happy ALL the time. No, really. As far as you can tell, they’ve never once been upset, expressed a negative opinion, or frowned in their entire life. You’ve certainly never seen it […]

No One Is Happy All The Time

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Do you know your values? You need to know your values and revisit them often. We hear this often from high-level, successful individuals. It’s a recurring theme, especially in religious contexts. Why is it so important?  I used to be far in the ‘what a stupid cliche of course I […]

The Value Of Knowing Your Values

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Everyone Else Is So Lucky… Wow, I can’t believe how much money he makes as a lawyer, how lucky. He only got into the NBA because he’s so tall, he’s just lucky. She’s so lucky her kids all get along. When others have accomplishments we envy, we’re quick to judge […]

Hard Work Creates Success And Luck