Happy Thoughts: November 25, 2020 at 12:30PM

Knowing our values is so much more important to our happiness than we think it is. Without knowing our values, we can’t know how to live our lives or what types of decisions to make. That’s why it’s crucial to not only know our values, but to write them out.

It can be challenging to put them into words at first, but dedicating time to really think about them and write them out will take you a long way in life. You’ll know what to base your decisions on and break habits that aren’t the greatest; this will all lead to you becoming the best version of yourself.

There are a few ways we can write our values out; some people just need one word like “honesty” to describe their values, while others might need a list or even a paragraph. Whichever method works for you, go for it. And most importantly, don’t forget to revisit those written values every single day; this helps think about our decisions, choices, and how we’ve been going about our days to make sure they match those values.

When our values are the core of everything we do, we will feel so much more fulfilled and content with ourselves.

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