Happy Thoughts: February 24, 2021 at 10:57AM

Fear should never block us from getting things done unless there is an immediate danger. We don’t necessarily have to overcome our fears completely, but instead, learn to moderate them enough for us to push through.

There are three approaches:

1- Think about your relationship with fear: Work on it and figure out what it signals. If it doesn’t signal an immediate danger, then recognize that you have to push through discomfort to accomplish what you want.

2- Think of things from a cognitive perspective: How are your thoughts influencing you? Analyze them to see how realistic they are & recognize that your brain could be filling in gaps with the worst-case scenario due to uncertainty. Brainstorming some alternatives can help.

3- Work on your emotional and physical state: By slowing down and taking deep breaths, you can transition your emotional state and calm down. Doing something physical can also be a great way to change your body’s physical state.

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