Why The Feedback Sandwich Method Is Risky

Why The Feedback Sandwich Method Is Risky (3 Reasons)

What is it?
The feedback sandwich is the idea of giving a compliment, then the hard feedback, then ending on another compliment.

Does it work?
It depends. Let’s take a step back and consider WHY someone would use the feedback sandwich. The idea is that this makes the feedback easier to process. What makes feedback difficult to process in the first place is taking it personally, feeling like you don’t know how to improve, or feeling attacked.

The idea of the feedback sandwich is a decent one, tell people more nice things than harsh things so they don’t feel attacked. The problem is, there’s a bit more nuance to actually executing. It’s not about just saying nice things, it’s about making sure the other person feels supported and valued.

Reflection Questions:
1- Has anyone ever used the feedback sandwich on you? How was the experience?
2- Have you ever used the feedback sandwich on someone else? How was that experience?
3- How can you show more support, teamwork, or positive intent when giving feedback in the future?


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