Johnny O’Callaghan: Meditational Therapy (and more!) – Guest Feature


Johnny O’Callaghan: Meditational Therapy (and more!) – Guest Feature

As part of our dedication to bringing you new resources for increasing happiness, we share spotlights on distinguished and interesting individuals. This week, we’ve got Johnny O’Callaghan who helps unlock potential using a unique blend of meditation, spiritual psychology, and coaching. Big thanks to Johnny for taking the time to answer these questions and share with us. Let’s get into it, shall we?

If you could share one idea with the world, what would it be?

Don’t believe everything you think, most of it is not true. I use to believe all my negative thoughts and that dictated my feelings and emotions. They are not random. Feeling and emotion follow thought. Questioning my thoughts and believing the opposite or not believing them at all was very freeing. I believe life is a school, we are not here to get it right, we’re here to experience life.  So I don’t make anything wrong, I learn from it, get the lesson and move on. I work with intentions and have zero attachment, trusting life has my back. Sometimes it takes time before I fully understand why I am having certain experiences. I trust them and find solutions.

How did you first get into the mental health field?

I began with meditation, 10-day silent retreats. Vipassana meditation, following the breath for about 14 hours each day. This was when I realized I had control over how I felt. I use to feel a puppet to my mind in the past. I learned it was not about being positive or negative, a lot of it is attitude toward life. I also learned I could heal, and the past is the past. Then I became a yoga teacher and then I did my master’s in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica. I have been a spiritual junkie all my life.

Many individuals specialize in one or two strategies, how did you get interested in using meditation, psychotherapy, hypnosis and more?

I teach what I found effective. Each client is different. Some need to heal before they can create. The healing of memories is so important. Some just need coaching. There is no point in healing if you don’t know where you are going. I find you then just recreate the past. But if you heal with a direction, each day unfolding becomes so exciting. It’s important to work with the mind but western medicine does not include the idea of a soul. I do. I work with the mind but I also work with the body and the heart.

What is your grand vision or the biggest project you’re undertaking currently?

I am currently volunteering in the prison system under the Freedom To Choose project, bringing tools to help people get out of their own way has been an incredible experience. I am in awe of the healing that happens.

What book do you most often recommend and why?

I love Michael Newton’s book JOURNEY OF THE SOULS just to give clients another perspective.

Is there anything else you’d like to talk about?

Keep trusting whatever makes you happy. Money follows you sharing your gifts with the world. Sometimes our ego might not consider them gifts though. If goals aren’t coming in, keep changing your strategy and get the learnings. Don’t give up. I think we are all helping each other home.

What is one actionable exercise you think would help people increase their happiness?

My espresso meditation. 21 conscious breaths. 7 inhales through the nose and out the nose, 7 through the nose and out the mouth, 7 through the mouth and out the mouth. I find if you do this as you wake or whenever you are stressed or overwhelmed, it’s a quick way to get present and unplug from the mind (all the thinking).

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Johnny’s private practice is in the Hollywood Hills, and rarely takes on new clients due to a full schedule. He also teaches meditation at Unplug in Brentwood.
You can still follow him on Instagram and Facebook for lots of great information though!

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