Jason Langston: Emotional Development & Motivation Coach – Guest Feature

jason life coachJason Langston: Emotional Development & Motivation Coach – Guest Feature

As part of our dedication to bringing you new resources for increasing happiness, we’ll be sharing spotlights on distinguished and interesting individuals. This week, we’ve got Jason Langston; emotional development and motivation coach. Big thanks to Jason for taking the time to answer these questions and share with us. Let’s get into it, shall we?

If you could share one idea with the world, what would it be?

Your Heart is your tool for LIVING and your Brain is your tool for Surviving. You can’t live with your Brain….. and you can’t survive with your Heart. LIVE LIFE FROM YOUR HEART.

What do you think is most important for people to know about emotional development and motivation?

Emotional development is literally THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE CAN DO IN LIFE. And only through emotional development and growth can we find true passion and motivation.

Many of your coaching plans are 3 days a week, what lead you to choose that frequency?

I watched as my Mom went through almost 5 years of counseling/therapy before her first real breakthrough. Then over the next 10 years she had another 4 or 5 breakthroughs and developed one of her best friendships. That’s half a dozen real breakthroughs in 15 years.
The “once a week” model used in most emotional development fields is almost set up to fail. Three days after your last weekly session, you’ve already forgotten most of what you talked about, you’re settling back into your old life, and you’ve stopped doing the work. With my system you’re already in your second appointment long before you’ve forgotten anything about your first. That way the work gets done before forgetting last week’s session for 3.5 days.

On your site, you briefly touch on your past. Would you mind expanding on the story of your transition to greater happiness and self-improvement?

The transition for me came when all my walls and excuses and isolating stopped working. I started to be affected by every emotional commercial or movie or song. I would sit alone at home on my couch watching TV just bawling. I realized that I wasn’t heartless or soulless and began to open up to people about my emotions. My growth and progress was SLOW! But then I got into AA and learned how to process the emotions that I didn’t understand. I learned how to truly be emotionally open and vulnerable. And in doing that I was able to help people by sponsoring them and helping them learn and practice the same concepts. And BOOM! That was it. I had finally found my purpose and I was hooked!

What is one actionable exercise or reflection question you think would help people increase their happiness?

I’ll give one of each…..
Actionable DAILY Exercise – Mantras! Every morning and all throughout the day. One for gratitude, one for the person you want to be, and one for the life you want.

Reflection Question – Is what I’m doing serving my ego or serving my_________ (Family, Partner, kid(s), Fellow Man/Woman) ?

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MUSIC!!! I LOVE playing Drums, singing, and listening to music. I am in a band and we get crazy excited every time we get together and play.  Even when I listen to the tracks we record with our cheesy garage recording studio. On Spotify I’m Turnpaugh69 and you can check out what I like and even rewards the Fidgets a like. They have a Playlist called Centipede.


I am in a LONG DISTANCE relationship with an amazing woman who is everything I have wanted for the last 30+ years. But if I had restricted myself to the socially accepted norm of my parents or her parents, we would never have taken the leap to mutual happiness. We both agreed to let go of what other people thought of long distance relationships and move forward forging a path for US that was unknown but fulfilling! One of the most important and vital things we can do in life is to let go of 3 things (I call is the “Trifecta of Letting Go”). 1 – Society’s accepted norms or stereotypes; 2 – Any desire or need for a certain outcome from a situation, and; 3 – Fear of a certain result or outcome. This allows us the freedom and the space to manifest the thriving and fulfilled lives we dream of. And we do this by using tools like Mantras and by taking actions in support of our passions and desires.

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