Happy Thoughts: March 12, 2021 at 12:11PM

Many of us struggle with saying “no,” especially when it comes to friends and family. We don’t want them to resent us or think of us as rude and unthoughtful. But, saying “yes” all the time can really impact our well-being. Not only do we do too much for others until we become exhausted and have no time left for ourselves, but we continue to place our self-worth in how others view us and how useful we can be to them.

The key to unlearning saying “yes” all the time is examining where we learned this behavior. Were we taught growing up that saying “no” is rude, and were we punished for it? Or did we experience a negative response to saying “no” as an adult?

Reflect and think of ways you can unlearn agreeing to everything. Think of scenarios & practice saying “no.” You can also think of past experiences and how you felt after saying yes to something you didn’t want to do. Did you regret it after?

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