Happy Thoughts: March 05, 2021 at 12:11PM

The first step to learning from our mistakes is understanding that we are human and mistakes are inevitable. Rather than thinking about the “what ifs,” we should instead take steps to learn so that they don’t happen again.

Here are four steps to take:

1. Accept that mistakes are useful and natural: Process the emotional shock first before trying to make changes & align your expectations with reality.

2. Determine what’s in your control: Think about what you can control to change the next outcome.

3. Explore alternative options with better outcomes: Research, brainstorm, or ask others to help.

4. Ensure your learning is Intentional: Manufacture scenarios to practice and see how you can prevent that mistake from occurring again. Getting feedback is also a critical piece to learning from our mistakes.

5. Analyze progress: Analyze how your adjustments are working. If they aren’t, then revisit the previous steps to see what you can readjust.

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