Happy Thoughts: February 12, 2021 at 10:54AM

We all want to be happy, & while many of us may be able to distract ourselves with digital screens and general busyness for a period of time, most of us will eventually find a void that we need to address.

Balancing the following five areas is what will help us introduce long-term happiness to our lives.

1- The Mental category is an umbrella covering topics related to mental health, self-esteem, and growth via education or life experience.

2- Physical covers topics related to your health including exercise, diet, sleep, and anything else pertaining to your body.

3- Relationships is the area that covers how you interact with others and the quality of connections in your life.

4- Philosophy (or Spirituality) is concerned with the why behind our actions and our beliefs about how the world operates.

5- The area of finances covers your occupation and how you spend money. When this area is in balance, you see value in your work and can live the lifestyle you desire.

All of these are so deeply interwoven, and effects in one area often ripple into others. Working on each one and balancing them is what it takes to be truly happy.

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