Should You Prioritize Happiness Over Everything Else? 1


In this video, Donovon answers the question”Should you prioritize your happiness over everything else?”

It depends on what you mean by happiness. If you mean individual instances of joy, sure. It’s hard for me to argue that you shouldn’t focus on happiness. There are a few caveats though. because I think on the surface, a lot of people take happiness as something it’s not. They think about it as “do whatever makes you happiest in the moment” but that’s not going to work in the long term usually.

1. Consider the long term implications
2. Happiness includes purpose
3. You may have to hard tasks to increase happiness

Reflection Questions:

1. Are there any activities that increase your happiness now but will decrease them over time?
2. What activities do you do that are purposeful?
3. What are some ways that you can better prioritize your happiness.


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