Overcoming Fear [3 Approaches For How To Overcome Fear]

Overcoming Fear [3 Approaches For How To Overcome Fear]

Fear will occasionally come up in life, blocking us from what we’d like to accomplish. In this video, we cover a few ways to overcome fear and take action.

➽ 1. Relationship path
– Purpose of fear?
– Fear is normal
– Pushing through discomfort is necessary

➽ 2. Cognitive path
– Challenge fear thoughts
– Find out the gaps & uncertainty
– What is triggering the danger state?

➽ 3. Emotional path
– Reduce nervous activation
– Transition states

🔰 Reflection Question
1. What is your relationship with fear?
2. How do you generally manage fear?
3. What is fear preventing you from doing in life? How will you overcome it?

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