How To Make Someone Happy (5 Tips)

How to make someone happy [5 tips]
You cant. First recognize that unhappiness serves a purpose and is actually useful. The best we can do is accept it as a necessary but transient state and focus on resolving the underlying message or avoiding over emphasizing the negative.

I’m really sick of seeing tip lists like ’tell them a joke’ or ‘buy them a treat’. Here’s 5 ideas that are a bit more useful.

1. Acknowledge & Validate
You don’t have to agree with their experience but make them feel heard. Show you understand what they’re talking about and struggling with.
2. Help at the appropriate level
Different unhappiness types need different help. Sometimes it’s a snack, sometimes it’s a new frame, sometime it’s a new environment
Don’t be afraid to actually ask them
3. Help them analyze what’s working and what isn’t
Help them hone in on where the issue is by asking questions. Figuring out what pieces are the the furthest off can help refine attention
4. Help research tools or brainstorm ideas for their particular problem
Once you’re a bit closer to the key problems, help them find tools or brainstorm ideas to solve that particular problem.
5. Enlist other resources or people that may be of use
It’s not all on your shoulders. Sometimes the best thing you can do is find another expert or resources specific for their issue then hand them off.

Exercises & Reflection Questions
Who in your life most needs your help right now?
How can you help foster their happiness?

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