HappyTalks: Intention Setting With Lauren Balukjian

HappyTalks: Intention Setting With Lauren Balukjian

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In this episode of HappyTalks we interview Lauren Balukjian and discuss how to access the Power of Intention.

Lauren is a leadership coach and experienced facilitator who is passionate about empowering others to live a courageous life. Her mantra is “Conceive it, Believe it, Achieve it.” and she’s here today to tell us how the power of intention setting is the foundation to making all dreams possible. Next month Lauren is leading a seven-week, self-discovery journey for a select group of women looking to gain clarity, connection, and confidence in their lives. It is a virtual experience that brings women together in a safe space that is accepting, empowering, and enlightening. Space is limited to six spots, so if you’re interested in applying, visit her website or message her on Instagram @unleashyouraura

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