How To Find What Makes You Happy [5 Steps]

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How To Find What Makes You Happy [5 Steps]

1. Analyze your current life
a. Where are you already experiencing happiness/unhappiness
b. Ways of dividing your experience so you can focus on specific aspects
i. Categories
ii. Values

2. Be intentional, make a list
a. Stumbling onto happiness isn’t very likely
b. What already makes you happy
c. What you want to or are willing to try

3. Ask others for new ideas
a. Compare against your own ideas
b. Be open to what others mention

4. Timebox your efforts
a. Set a specific period of time for how long you’re going to try something
b. Give it a full effort
i. Be honest about the try

5. Compare it to other things you’ve tried
a. See how it impacted your happiness
i Measure it along the lines of physical, emotional, and purposeful joy

Exercises & Reflection Questions
When can you set aside time to go through these steps?