How To Deal With Cravings – [4 Ways]

•How to deal with cravings* [4 Ways]

1. Mindfulness
Hone in on the feeling
Buy time for the craving to pass, slow reaction time
Separate the desire from the action
Hone in on consequences if applicable
Question the usefulness
Explore the pathway which originated the urge
Physical or mental?

2. Find Alternatives
Move your attention elsewhere
Know what else you can do
Best if you can plan beforehand
Make the choice or rules beforehand, don’t leave space for edge cases or maybes

3. Tune Your Environment
Reduce temptations, triggers, and weak points (like stress)
Get others to buy into helping you

4. Don’t let mistakes become setbacks
Accept when you take actions on negative cravings
Don’t beat yourself up. Use them as a learning experience for next time
Celebrate your victories

Reflection Question
1. What negative cravings are hardest for you to ignore?
2. How do you typically overcome your cravings?
3. How might you better overcome negative cravings in the future?


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