Being Happy at Work [5 Considerations]

Being Happy at Work [5 Considerations]

1- Find a sense of purpose in your work
-Skill growth
-Long-term trajectory
-Sustaining other goals

2- Take responsibility for being proactive
-Ask for what you need before assuming
-Negotiate if possible
-Ask for feedback

3-Develop relationships
-Be in regular communication with your boss
-Establish rapport with coworkers.

4- Find better ways to do things you dislike or delegate them if possible
-Different time of day, batching, etc.

5- Manage expectations
-Accept most jobs have some unpleasant components
-Be realistic about your options, while pushing for more

Reflection Questions:
1-Why are you in your current occupation?
2-How are you learning and growing at work?
3-What actions can you take to make work more enjoyable?

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