How Yoga Can Help Heal Trauma With Beth Shaw- HappyTalks


In this HappyTalks episode, Dr. Alice & Donovon interview Beth Shaw on how yoga can help heal trauma.

Beth Shaw, author, visionary, and entrepreneur is the founder and President of YogaFit©, Inc., the largest yoga fitness educational school in the world. Since YogaFit’s inception in 1994, author, entrepreneur and visionary Beth Shaw has been at the forefront of mind-body fitness education. YogaFit has touched the lives of millions via our network of over 250,000 Yoga, Fitness, and Wellness students worldwide. Through our robust karma community service program, yoga has been offered to many underserved populations. With over 50 different educational programs, YogaFit remains the global leader in wellness education. Under Shaw’s leadership, the YogaFit School continues to grow and evolve, offering the most up-to-date science and healing modalities. For over 20 years, Shaw has committed to helping others achieve heightened mind-body health through the creation and growth of YogaFit.

Beth Shaw:

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