How to Be Happy with What You Have [4 Ideas]

How to be happy with what you have [4 ideas]

1-Cultivate gratitude
-It’s about where you place your focus.
-Put in time every day to practice gratitude.
-Remember that there’s always someone worse off.

2-Recognize where you can act
-Pinpoint where effort can make a difference:
-Recognize what trade-offs are available to you.
-Stop focusing on what you can’t control.

3-Recognize your internal world dictates happiness more than the external world.
-Understand why you want more.
Would a better car, house, etc. really make your life better?
-How can you make changes in your internal world?
-How can you change your relationship to certain ideas?

4-Stop comparing
-Everyone is on their own path.
-Remember that you only see other’s highlights.

Reflection questions:

-What do you currently have that you’re grateful for?
-What is your relationship with wanting more?
-How often do you compare your possessions and experiences with others? How can you do this less?

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