HappyTalks: Working From Home Effectively With Mary Patry

In this episode of HappyTalks we interview Mary Patry and talk about ways to deal with the impact of working from home indefinitely, due to this ongoing pandemic.

Mary Patry is an executive coach focused exclusively on helping the IT executive and their direct reports address barriers to success based on their own circumstances.
Mary founded ITeffectivity LLC in 2013 with the mission of helping IT leaders define and achieve success as they define it. Her vision is for business to recognize IT leader’s contribution to innovation and success of the company. . Her qualifications are based on her 40 plus years of IT Leadership experience combined with 5 years of consulting and Executive Coaching training. Over the last eight years, she has advised and coached over 240 leaders and conducted over 20 major team consulting assignments on behalf of Fortune 100 firms to small non-profits.


😊 Mary Patry
↘️ www.linkedin.com/in/mleonardopatry
↘️ www.iteffectivity.com

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