HappyTalks: Developing Self-Love

In this video Donovon and Alice talk about self love and self acceptance. This is a focus of Dr. Alice’s work and a key area for having a fulfilling and productive life.

Developing Self-Love

We speak about how self-worth can be negatively impacted early in life. External factors can easily come in and reduce our self-worth and limit our self-love. We talk about how this process usually involves therapy, self-development, or other efforts to uncover what is limiting our self-love and the stories we tell ourselves.

Worth & Relationships

We discuss how our self-worth can influence how we act in relationships and how limited self-love can cause us to look externally. Instead, we can look at other venues for our attention and energy so that we have multiple options and don’t get so locked into gratification from a single individual. Happiness should be reliant on you, not others.

We also speak about how the boundaries of our self-love can determine how others treat you as well. If you treat yourself poorly, you’re likely to allow others to treat you poorly because that’s the self-value you’ve set. We should not base our worth on how others are treating us, as we cannot control the responses of others. We must communicate to figure out what others are thinking instead of making assumptions.

Accepting the Past

We also talk about accepting the past and moving forward. We cannot change choices from the path and they don’t dictate our future. Comparing our present to an imaginary past is unfair, and should not influence our self-worth or how we experience self-love.

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