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In this HappyTalks episode, Karishma Bali discusses the benefits of running with Dr. Alice & Donovon.

Karishma Bali has lived in Europe and Asia for her studies, has completed several startup internships nationally and internationally, has consulted, been a professor of entrepreneurship, and is a published author in her series on academic strategy. She has also developed and led many research projects, of them is notable a project presented to the Harvard Undergraduate Research Symposium. Karishma is bilingual, has a tri-city Master’s in Global Entrepreneurship from the University of San Francisco, Master’s in Biology/Medical Physiology from Case Western Reserve University, Bachelors of Science in Biology/Anthropology from Loyola University Chicago and is currently the founder of Pulse Athletic Apparel, an athletic apparel brand and co-founder of Onedrus, a company commercializing an air filtration technology developed by NASA. She is interested in creating tangible impact and uplifting the community through her ventures. She is a traveler, runner, pun-lover, and lifelong learner.

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