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Why Did I Just Get Cut Off In Traffic? Why would she pull out in front of me like that? What the hell is that woman thinking? Everyone is such a bad driver! If you drive, I guarantee you’ve had similar thoughts. Driving is just one example of the many […]

Improve Empathy: Everyone Thinks They’re Right

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Middle of the night anxiety I woke up in a dead panic, my heart racing. What am I doing with my life? It was 2 AM. The question hit like a punch in the stomach, almost literally as I felt sick and my breath was tight. For some unknown reason, […]

Emotional Outlets: Journaling, Art, Music, Etc.

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Kristin Walker: CEO, Host, & Health Advocate – Guest Feature As part of our dedication to bringing you new resources for increasing happiness, we share spotlights on distinguished and interesting individuals. This week, we’ve got Kristin Walker: CEO of mental health news radio, podcast host, & mental health advocate. Big […]

Kristin Walker: CEO, Host, & Health Advocate – Guest ...

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Best for: Those looking for short, digestible ideas shared by great figures on a variety of topics. Those who don’t mind long books with loosely organized frameworks. Difficulty to digest: Everyone should be able to get through this book without much effort. The text pulls heavily from Tim’s podcast and […]

Tools Of Titans By Tim Ferris: Book Review

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Best for: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is best for those who are interested in philosophy, especially around death, character, and mindfulness. It’s also best for those who don’t mind reading older texts to dig out powerful insights. Difficulty to digest: Meditations is a bit harder to digest simply because of […]

Meditations By Marcus Aurelius – Book Review

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What Would You Do If You Lost It All? I recently had a conversation with someone who would likely be considered quite wealthy. We stumbled upon the topic of what they would do if they lost all their money. I don’t really know, I’ve built my entire life around this […]

Developing Gratitude: A Week Without Luxuries