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  In this HappyTalks episode, Dr. Alice & Donovon discuss mindful eating with Dr. Michelle May. Michelle May M.D. is a former family physician, a recovered yo-yo dieter, founder of Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Programs and Training (, and author of the Eat What You Love, Love What You […]

Mindful Eating With Dr Michelle May- HappyTalks

We’ve all been in a relationship or job that we weren’t really happy with, but because it was comfortable and familiar, we chose to stay. Being in an unhappy yet familiar situation seems less scary to us than change. The unknown can be daunting and the familiar comfortable. If we […]

Happy Thoughts: June 10, 2021 at 09:59AM

It’s impossible to think clearly with heightened emotions. Your goal is to stay neutral and reduce emotion so you can get to a more calm place. 5 Tips: 1. Lean toward the side of listening. 2. Validate first, then discuss content. 3. Reduce emotional intensity, then focus on potential solutions. […]

Handling Difficult Conversations (With Loved Ones – 5 Tips)

Pay attention to who you’re around the most and how they make you feel afterward. They may be a factor in why you’re feeling unusually drained. It can be difficult to tell, especially if nothing rude was said or done, but often, we don’t notice or sense people’s energies. Instead, […]

Happy Thoughts: June 05, 2021 at 09:50AM

  In this HappyTalks episode, Dr. Alice & Donovon talk to Lindsay Gordon and discuss tips for when you’re unsatisfied or lost with your career. Lindsay is a career coach for analytically minded people who want to stop doing what they think is “right” in their career and start doing […]

Unsatisfied or Lost With Your Career? – Lindsay Gordon- HappyTalks

  In this HappyTalks episode, Dr. Alice & Donovon interview Shane Manier about her experience with creating joy and growth through art & creativity. Shane Manier is a Creative Coach, Visual Artist, Tedx and Key Note Speaker, Trauma Informed Care Instructor, Poetry Mentor and National Spoken Word Poet based in […]

How Creativity & Art Creates Joy & Growth with Shane ...