Eating Healthier: Food Swapping – Healthy Food Swaps In this video we talk about a simple strategy for eating healthier. Avoid the fast diets and crashes by simply picking one food you know is unhealthy and swapping it out for something better. Do this for a week or two then […]

Eating Healthier: Food Swapping – Healthy Food Swaps

tired polar bear
I don’t want to write this post. I don’t really want to do anything. I’ve spent the entire first half of the day laying on the couch thinking about all the productive things I aspire to but don’t want to do. I’ve opened this page, then browsed to social media, […]

I Feel Unmotivated, Now What?

Ferris Wheel
Wake up. Drink pre-workout. Exercise. That’s been my morning routine for as long as I can remember. As I was working through my New Years resolutions, I realized this habit was so ingrained I couldn’t even imagine what another routine might look or feel like. This spawned questions. Was it […]

How Cycling Personal Habits Increases Happiness

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So, what’s the difference between goals and habits? Let’s get right to the core of this, knowing the difference between goals and habits is pivotal in how you plan and work towards accomplishments. Getting the two confused can be exhausting as you see little progress toward your aspirations. We’ll start with […]

The Difference Between Habits & Goals