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  Social anxiety can impact a lot of areas of our lives. It doesn’t just affect us socially, but also professionally and personally. Some signs of social anxiety according to Better Help are avoidance of particular actions in public or the social event altogether, expecting the worst when in public, […]

How To Be More Social: 3 Social Anxiety Tips

Having social anxiety makes it tricky for us to learn what situations make us uncomfortable & which make us feel distressed due to our anxiety. It can be difficult to know the difference especially if we tend to avoid all social events. The best thing to do is to start […]

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  In this HappyTalks episode, Dr. Alice & Donovon discuss the difference between Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis and their benefits.   ➥➥➥ Check Out Some of Our Previous Happy Talks! ➥➥➥ ❤️ Overcoming Adversity With Suzan Nguyen & Patrick Hubbard- HappyTalks ↘️ ❤️ The Benefits of Using Your Non-Dominant Hand […]

Hypnotherapy VS Hypnosis- HappyTalks

    According to Forbes, “the theory of cognition postulates that being creative is actually a basis for human life.” Being creative is extremely important for us, but we often forget about it or feel like it’s a waste of time. Not only does doing something creative make us happy, […]

Creativity & Wellbeing: 3 Easy Ways To be Creative

  In this HappyTalks episode, Dr. Alice and Donovon interview Annette Marinaccio about her beliefs on the afterlife and the purpose of our souls. Annette Marinaccio’s mother-in-law showed her that there is an afterlife AFTER she died. Annette spent several years researching to understand what the afterlife is about and […]

Is There An Afterlife? A Purpose for Your Soul? Annette ...

Expressing ourselves creatively is important for our mental health and wellbeing. It’s a great way to release our negative emotions & also help manage anxiety by allowing us to put our energy toward something. We don’t have to be great at art, for example, to express ourselves artistically. Anyone can […]

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