How to save money and stay happy [4 Approaches] 1. Know your expenses – Track them – Look at automatic category tools – Set budgets for certain items 2. Determine what’s most important – Cut out – Find cheaper alternatives – Common categories – Food – Subscriptions – Coffee/Alcohol 3. […]

How To Save Money and Stay Happy [4 Approaches]

HappyTalks: Success Mitch Gonsalves In this episode of HappyTalks, we talk about success and how to be successful through your life and business. Mitch Gonsalves is the Founder & CEO of Executive Advantage that helps High-Ticket B2B Service-Based Companies grow to $1-5M using Automation, LinkedIn & Commission-Only Sales Teams Mitch […]

HappyTalks: Success with Mitch Gonsalves

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Best for:  Those with a strong interest in Ray Dalio’s life, his principles, and his company Bridgewater Associates. Also those wanting broad strokes around using principles. There is little guidance on how to create your own. Difficulty to digest: Principles is written conversationally for most parts, however, it contains some […]

Principles by Ray Dalio – Book Review

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Best for: The Richest Man In Babylon is for those interested in building wealth and/or getting out of debt. Generally, this is geared toward those close to the beginner level, without a lot of previous finance knowledge. Difficulty to digest: The style of the book is relatively difficult to digest, […]

The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason – ...