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Best for: Those interested in leadership, especially from a military or business perspective. Also those interested in being more resilient and productive. Difficulty to digest: The principles in Extreme Ownership are straightforward and well-illustrated by examples. The only difficult may be in understanding military terms, however, most of them are defined […]

Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin – Book ...

girl focused on her why
Best for Those interested in effective strategies for motivating themselves and others and are interested in business and leadership. Difficulty to digest The concepts outlined in Start With Why are clear and straightforward. While they build upon each other, everyone should be able to understand everything in the book and […]

Start With Why By Simon Sinek: Book Review

set of tools
Best for: Those looking for short, digestible ideas shared by great figures on a variety of topics. Those who don’t mind long books with loosely organized frameworks. Difficulty to digest: Everyone should be able to get through this book without much effort. The text pulls heavily from Tim’s podcast and […]

Tools Of Titans By Tim Ferris: Book Review

marcus aurelius statue
Best for: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is best for those who are interested in philosophy, especially around death, character, and mindfulness. It’s also best for those who don’t mind reading older texts to dig out powerful insights. Difficulty to digest: Meditations is a bit harder to digest simply because of […]

Meditations By Marcus Aurelius – Book Review

psycho cybernetics fixing tie
Best for: Those who can weed through woo-woo and religious ideas and want to learn about a framework for self-esteem and how it affects outcomes. Difficulty to digest: This book is moderately-easy to digest. The difficulty comes from the use of uncommon terms which are not linked to concrete science or facts. While […]

Psycho Cybernetics By Maxwell Maltz: Book Review

ready fire aim darts
  Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson Best for: This book is directed at entrepreneurs who are starting or have started their journey and have plans to create a large company. Difficulty to digest: This book is fairly easy to digest, and does a good job of breaking down the […]

Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson – Book Review